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Top 3 Hairstyles for the Yorkie Poodle Mix

Yorkie Poodle mix dogs are usually born with unique sized and shaped bodies, so different types of hairstyles have become customary because of this. Depending on your dog’s body type, the structure of its face and hair, you have a variety of different options when it comes to grooming your puppy’s hair. Often times, a dog’s genetics will play a large impact on which hairstyle is recommend for it. It’s also recommended that you let your dog’s hair grow out for at least six months before you get it groomed; this allows for a better haircut recommendation.

Yorkie Poodle with a Puppy Cut

1. Puppy Cut

The Puppy Cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for dogs, even if your pup takes more to its Poodle side than Yorkie side. This haircut leaves your puppy with an evenly trimmed coat covering its body. The length of the hair is trimmed really short, usually up to half an inch long. However, the dog’s topknot and cap is left at an inch long. This is a great hairstyle what requires minimal grooming and less frequent brushing of your dog’s hair as it is less likely to form tangles and knots.

Yorkie Poo Teddy Bear Clip

2. Teddy Bear Clip

This haircut is almost the same as the Puppy Cut, but the hair isn’t cut as short. Technically, this style isn’t a “clip” because clippers aren’t even used. This haircut is achieved with only scissors alone. The cut will give your puppy a coat of hair which will be about two inches all over. This is a simple haircut and because of this it is easily maintainable at home. It does not demand regular hair brushing like other haircuts. The area around the dog’s genitals and anal cavity should be trimmed to avoid any bathroom messes from occurring.

Yorkiepoo Schnauzer Cut

3. Schnauzer Cut

Yorkie Poos with straighter and thinner hair are most common of the breed. For them, the Schnauzer Cut will work best. The side and back of the dog is shaved down while its skirt is left long. (The skirt is the hair that extends from under its neck to the tip of the tail.) The hair on its legs is left uncut and long. The length of the skirt is left up to the owner’s desired length of choice. The puppy’s facial hair and cap is left to about two to two and a half inches long. The face is trimmed closer to create a distinct mustache for the dog.

As always, provide great care when cutting your dog’s hair if you plan on doing it yourself. Your pooch may be afraid the first time you cut its hair, but with proper conditioning techniques, it’ll enjoy getting haircuts. For an example on how to groom your dog with the Puppy Cut style, watch the video below.

Tips for Maintaining and Growing a Long Coat

yorkiepoo long hair

If you’re going for a look that requires a longer coat of hair on your Yorkie, here are some tips in order to allow your dog to grow out a nice and health long coat. When they are growing out their coat, make sure to trim to hair around their feet, between the pads on their feet, and the tips of their ears. When your pup’s hair is floor length, you trim it by standing the puppy on a table and letting its hair fall over the edge. You then trim is just below the floor line.

In order to grow a nice coat, quality dog shampoo is a must, followed by conditioner. Never use human shampoo or conditioner on your pet. Also, never brush its hair after it dries; it can lead to damage and breakage. The best time to brush is right after a shower while still damp. But if you prefer to brush its hair without giving it a shower, make sure to moisten its hair before you begin brushing. Detangling spray is an excellent alternative.

In addition to proper grooming, a high quality diet is also important to growing out your puppy’s coat. Look for high quality dog food that’s rich in vitamins and minerals beneficial to your dog’s health, such as Omega-3s. Some of the brands I’ve used are:

And lastly, giving your doggy a good massage from time to time will help circulated more blood to the skin, allowing for a healthier growing coat of hair.

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